Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Waterloo Pond

Just enjoying the weather with some ducks beside a nice little pond. I love being in school for the summer... This way I can be outside during the best parts of the day!
Tomorrow there is going to be a major storm in the city, I'll try to bring you the results!


Seda said...

I miss being outside in week days. Such a lovely scene. Nice colors and nice shot!
Istanbul Photo

Olivier said...

belle photo, la lumiere est tres douce, un endroit agreable (il manque juste un banc ;o) )

beautiful photograph, the light is very soft, a pleasant place (it misses just a bench; O))

hpy said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Normally I show mostly photos from France where I live, but as I had to go to Helsinki for some days I took some pictures and now I'm making a series about my old hometown. Welcome again (and pls note that there's usual a "translation" to English in the first comment if the text is in another language.

blueboat said...

This looks lovely - and gorgeous blue sky - I hope the storm passes safely!

lynn said...

Looks so calm; the calm before the storm. Eek!

Kala said...

it looks so calm - like the calm before the storm hahaha I jus notice Lynn jus said that - yikes - ok, I promise i did not copy her comment so anyway, nice blue skies - kinda late on teh comment but weekends are my free time to do leisure blog visits =)