Monday, May 28, 2007

Waterloo Park - Day 2

The Birds: I'm not sure what the top ones are... they look a little like geese, but most geese don't look like that around here... and why would they keep geese in a fenced off area? If anyone knows please let me know, I'm rather curious.
The bottom one is a pond with ducks and fish around it... it just seems like such a peaceful and pleasant little place. Would love to sit there and read a book.


Maryanne Stroud Gabbani said...

Could be geese or possibly young swans by the beak. One good reason to keep both types of birds fenced is the fact that they are quite aggressive. The farmers here keep geese and they are very willing to come right up to the horses as we pass by and hiss at them. Swans have been known to go after people with their wings, which are strong enough to break an arm.

The world is smaller thabn you think. Cairo and Waterloo are not that far apart, really. My kids are always running into people they know from Cairo in strange places...street corners in London, on the New York subways.

Olivier said...

il est bien ce parc, avec des animaux en liberte, cela doit faire le bonheur des enfants

it is well this park, with animals in freedom, that must make the happiness of the children

Abraham Lincoln said...

I am guessing that they are kept here to keep them back away from people. Even chickens can flop a person and dig spurs into the flesh. A goose can whack you pretty hard with a wing.

Either that or they have their wings clipped so they cannot fly or flop people.

I didn't do much today but...

I did write about how people used to wear long underwear over winter or until we began to stink. You can find the link at the bottom of the post today.

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