Monday, May 21, 2007

Tallest Tower in the World?

It's my turn to be a tourist in Toronto.... This is the CN Tower and the Sky Dome. Two of Toronto's most famous land marks. Since I was there this weekend, I thought I'd play the role of tourist, go downtown and take some photos... The only problem was that it was a little cloudy and cold; but I think it turned out ok...
The CN Tower is the tallest tower in the world, I believe, for at least a few more months until a new one goes up... I think it's being build in either China or Japan right now... Anyone know?


Carraol said...

Hi, great shot of the tower, are you visit the top floor?
Thanks for visit MC blog. About your question, I guess the one at Dubai proposed for 2010 (200 floors) Al Burj

Olivier said...

La photo est superbe, j'adore cette couleur et cette lumiere. Bravo pour ta photo

The photograph is superb, I adore this color and this light. Cheer for your photograph

hpy said...

I think there are lots of hight towers, but I have a question about them. Would you like to live 2000 m above the ground?

Olive said...

Thanks for the help Carraol! I found out that the CN tower is 553 meters tall... (Still the tallest!)

I would NOT want to live up there. It was nice to visit (once!) but that's good enough for me. A small section has a glass floor, which takes guts to walk on but it's pretty cool.

GiuCe said...

it's a beautiful tower... I like so much that colors and the perspective of the pic.

Gracias por pasar por mi blog :)