Monday, May 7, 2007

My neighbour

This lovely fellow came to greet me during my first week in Waterloo. This photo was taken without zoom. This is how close this goose was to me. These animals are not afraid of people, which is a cause for concern. I think because Waterloo is a university town, and so many people feed the geese they have become very friendly (and overly obese).
But nonetheless it was nice to be greeted :)


Olivier said...

sympathique ton voisin ;o) j'espere qu'il ne fait pas trop de bruit

sympathetic nerve your neighbor ;O) I hope that it does not do too much noise

Seda said...

Ohh my God! What a cute one. I can't believe how close he is. It seems like he is posing for you.
Istanbul Photo

Abraham Lincoln said...

This is a beautiful animal and I have had these kinds of experiences myself. Our Golden Gate Park has had many geese over the years that people "dumped off" because they were too large or aggressive and then the people who come to the park feed them and they would become a real concern for families with small ones. So the park assembles them from time to time and gives them to a willing farmer. We only have mallard ducks here now. I used to carry fifty pounds bags of cracked corn to the ducks and geese in the worst winter weather so they would have something to eat. It didn't cost me much and I slept a lot better.

Yes, this is a really nice photograph and one you should be proud of.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment.

Olive said...

Olivier - they are actually VERY noisy, but at night they don't hang around my house, just in the morning. So it's not too bad.

Seda - It does look like it, eh? He/she was just looking at me while I was taking the picture. It just stood there... Didn't move at all... so strange.

Abe - Thanks for the comment! I knew you could tell me something useful about this. You're the DP expert in such matters!