Thursday, May 10, 2007

Old Tree

The storm is over, and all is well. Actually, it was a bit of a fake storm, not even any thunder! I was a little disappointed. Although I did get caught in the rain.
Anyway... I found this tree in a town called Elora, located near Waterloo. It has a lot of character; it looks so old and wise... I wouldn't mind having something like this in my house.


Olivier said...

j'adore les photos de vieux arbres, cela rend vraiment bien, et on sent qu'il y a une histoire derriere. je te souhaite un bon weekend

I adore the photographs of old trees, that returns really well, and it is felt that there is a history behind. I wish you a good weekend

lynn said...

Old and wise or... freaky? I can't decide.

I've posted a pic of missing UK girl Madeleine in the hope that the more people who see her face, the more chance there is of finding her. Grateful if you can go over to Cheltenham so her image is in your mind. She was taken from Portugal eight days ago - she could be anywhere by now. Thank you.