Monday, April 9, 2007

Gun Shop

As a Canadian, seeing things like this is very strange to me... This is a store in Seattle that I walk by every time I'm there as it's on the way to one of my favourite book shops, The Elliott Bay Book Company. I highly recommend it if you're ever in the city!


Strangetastes said...

It could be worse! Check out my post from yesterday about what's happening in St. Louis next weekend:

Another wonderful Seattle book store if you like to travel, Wild World Books & Maps, on Wallingford just south of 45th. Best travel book store I've ever been in anywhere.

St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

lynn said...

Goodness. Think i'd stick to the books!

Mandi said...

Very strange. Do they actually "loan" guns there???

Olive said...

I have no idea... I didn't want to go in, I was afraid they would arrest me. Hahahaa, I'm always afraid of getting arrested in the US... Guantanamo Bay is one part of Cuba I'm hoping I'll never see!

Meg in Nelson said...

Goodness me. I hope you're recommending the bookshop and not the ... shop in the pic.

Olive said...

I promise, I would never recommend weapons of any kind! I'll try to post some pictures of the bookshop soon... I don't have any good ones at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Olive you sound like you are afraid of eveything. I'm surprised you can muster enough courage to cross the street.

Anonymous said...

you guys r heads who cares about how bad guns and gun stores are faggot

PA said...

Hey, I'd rather an unused (and maybe unsafely stored) gun was traded for cash or something. Canadian "amnesty" trade-in programs have been abused by police to sell guns back to dealers, so don't think this is all that different.

As for the poster above, your childish homophobic comment doesn't help your argument (and doesn't represent gun owners either, a quick visit to the "Pink Pistols" site will prove that).

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Bailey Thompson said...
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