Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloody Lake

Just past these hills there is a small lake (a pond really), the Bloody Lake. It is rumoured that the water turned red during the Battle of Hastings because of all the bodies that fell into it.
I was standing just outside of the Abbey as I took this picture. It is about an hour walk to reach the lake from this point.
The land you see in front of you is the very site of the Battle of Hastings. In fact, the reenactments that are held annually are held at this very spot.
In my personal opinion it is a site too beautiful to be used for such gruesome purposes... but then again so are many other sites that see the same fate.


james said...

So I guess the Housecarls (sp?) aren't there year round?

Olivier said...

voila un beau paysage de printemps qui fait rever, tres belle photo, bravo

veiled a beautiful landscape of spring which makes dream, very beautiful photograph, cheer