Friday, March 16, 2007

Favourite Shops I

I'm hoping to continue with this, I'll keep bringing you pictures of my favourite shops, restaurants and bars in Toronto every now and then.
SEGOVIA is a Spanish restaurant, it has amazing food and atmosphere. It's also tucked away in a tiny ally, one block away from a major intersection (Yonge and Wellesley). If you come to Toronto, I hope you'll have a chance to go there.


Kate said...

Very inviting photo; yes, I'd go there! PS I like your avatar, Olive!

Olive said...

Thanks Kate! (Philadelphia Story is my favourite movie of all time by the way)
The avatar is the inside cover of a damien rice CD, It creaped me out the first time i saw it because it looks A LOT like me (excluding the smudged make-up)