Sunday, October 14, 2007

Alhambra #1

A ceiling from the Alhambra. This was a large location that was the home of the Muslim kings in Granada, Spain. They let about 2000 tourists in each day to visit the area... this means that if you want to get in you have to line up no later than 7:30 am. We lined up at around 7:00 and got tickets at about 10:00 am to go in after 2:00pm. Although - trust me - after 3 hours of waiting in line in the freezing cold morning and the overheated afternoon - FULLY WORTH IT!
I would recommend clicking on the picture so you can see it in large view. The carvings on the walls are really amazing.


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Very beautiful sight indeed. The photo has come out well. There are many sites influenced by Islamic architecture in India as well, and they have beautiful carvings and inscriptions, but they are not taken care of like this. I have never heard of any limits on any place here. I watched a documentary on the pyramids and there they have limit on number of people visiting in a day.

Olive said...

wow i bet india is quite amazing in that regard (not the unkemptness part).
I think the Spanish take very good care of their artifacts, particularily in the non-coastal parts, because it's what attracts the tourists... so without them they would lose a lot of money...